Friday Virtue #15: What keeps you upright?

"A man should be upright, not be kept upright." – Marcus Aurelius I once heard a talk about the Universal law and how we are punished immediately once we break it. Anger, for example, harms the angry one most of all. Also, we feel guilt, remorse, and all sorts of emotions to let us know that our... Continue Reading →

This is Mr Silly

I was correcting some papers today (I work as an English teacher). And was inspired by one of my 1st-grade students. She wrote about a character she had drawn, 'She cannot swim. But, she likes the sea.'. I couldn't move on from that line for about 10 minutes. Why did I ponder it so much? Well, I'm a daydreamer I guess. Call me Mr Silly?

Start your revolution: Viva la self!

What if you could make an attempt. What if there are things you can do that could ultimately bring about change in your life for the better? What if you have more power than you believe? Could you turn this around? Could you overthrow this oppressive regime that suppresses your deeply held desires to live freely without pain and torture? One thing is for sure: the result of inaction is a big fat NO.

Self-Respect: The power is yours

There are people in this world who would keep walking if they saw you falling in the street. There are some who will discount you at first sight. There's even a few who would keep driving if they knocked you down. And what of it? These people don't know you or care about you. 

Thank you: 500 likes!

Just want to thank all the awesome people who contributed to my blog reaching 500 likes. It's a pleasure to be introduced to you all here on WordPress where we express ourselves freely.

Crossing The Desert: A short story of mental breakdown

There's a certain safety in isolation. A refuge from responsibility. A complete freedom from the voices of others - all but your own. His voice was starting to dull. The remaining remnants of sanity were fading, sometimes vanishing for brief moments before reappearing again, albeit just as briefly. His mind was starting to flicker like an old TV with a broken antenna. The safety of isolation is not without its defects.

Friday Virtue #12: What would Bruce Lee do?

A little bit of perspective can change everything. The perception of knowing that life can suck quite hard for just about everybody at times. The difference being: some people use their daily struggles as a chance to shine, while others get swept away in the currents of their own self-pity. If you find yourself among the latter, ask yourself... What would Bruce Lee do?

Self-worth: What’s it worth?

You're walking down a busy shopping street, it's bustling with all shapes and sizes: the young and beautiful, the middle-aged and worn out looking, the old and ready to leave looking, the happy couple, the hot chick, the homeless man, the half-wit, the shady creep, and finally there's you.

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