Letters to George: Heartbroken (letter 1)

The first in a series of letters to a man called George. From a man called Frank.

Dear George,

It’s lovely weather we have of recent days, my dear friend. Beatrice is now attending to the fine Peruvian Lilies in the garden which were a gift from great uncle Thompson. What a great fellow indeed he was – dead now if you haven’t heard. You’ve never met though if I’m correct, so perhaps it’s of no concern to you.

Your travels George! How delightful it is to hear of them. We’re all grateful for your letters and the fine prose you have bestowed upon us in telling us your tales. Bravo man, bravo!

Listen, I’ll get to the heart of it, George. You appear to be a right old mess after the break up with your fiance to be ( or to have been – how does one express that?). This needs to stop. You can’t carry on through life like this, being tied down by such a thing. I know it’s God awful to deal with, but life isn’t here to meet our expectations. Who knows what disasters shall be imposed upon us at any moment. There’s no plan to it; it can change on a gust of wind. This is a fact, and we don’t have as much control over it as we’d like to think George. Do you understand what I’m saying? A man who can’t stand on his own two feet, in good times or bad, is not a man to be relied upon. Think about that George. Do you blame any woman for not being content with such a man? Really? You can stand on your own two feet; I’ve seen you do it many times. But the rug has been pulled out from under you this time and left you on the floor. Get up, man! How much time do you think you have in life? Forever? Nobody lives forever George. Time is short for us all. Get up now and carry on; do the best for you so you can do the best for others. Don’t dare tell me you’re not as worthy as other men! I would smack you for that statement if I could! You’ve been given the gift of choice just like any other man. Choose wisely, my friend. That’s all anyone can do. If you know you’re doing all you can do, you’ll be fulfilled. If not, you’ll be damned to feelings of emptiness and unfulfillment. Don’t let that happen to you George. You’re worthy of fulfillment, it’s in your hands. Take it and live life to the fullest while you still can, my boy!

Do keep in touch as often as you can. I think you’ll need my counsel every now and then when on your journeys. It’s good George, to have communication with a friend. Beatrice and I would love to hear of your tales as you travel through the foreign lands, and life itself. Godspeed.

Yours till hell freezes,



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