Letters to George: Solitude (letter 2)

The second in a series of letters to a man called George. From a man called Frank.

Dear George,

Delighted to hear from you again my good fellow. Thank you so much for the wonderful headscarf. Beatrice has been wearing it all day; she feels like a world traveler now just like yourself. To see her modeling it in front of the dressing room mirror, her mind’s eye a thousand miles away in the dunes, on camelback no doubt, is a gift worth more than money can buy. She sends her regards of course. I think she dreams of following in your footsteps and sending me letters from afar some day. Perhaps I may travel myself, and then we’d all have no one to write to. Perhaps a diary would be a compelling choice in such a case.

Alright, George, let’s get down to it, shall we? What you portray to me implies great loneliness. I once read that “A swift bird flies alone”, a book of Zen lessons if I remember correctly. You’re certainly a swift bird my friend and so it is, you fly alone. And what of it? You can’t bring everyone with you George. And who says that you can’t enjoy these times by yourself? Does one really need another by their side at all times to be at ease? Do you seek direction from others? You certainly lack it, but it’s folly to seek it from another. Direct yourself, George.

Listen, no matter who you’re with in your life, the first and last person you speak with every day is yourself, George. Be careful what tell yourself, man. What kind of company are you to yourself? Face the day with confidence and self-appreciation my friend. It’s you who decides your disposition. Take that with the utmost seriousness! No man, woman, or living being controls your Philosophy. None whatsoever! Don’t give up control of your ship to passers-by and ghosts of the past. Tis’ no wonder you lack direction in such a case. Grab the wheel with both hands, it’s yours! Never let it go again.

Well, you’ve got the old dog worked up there for a moment. I’m a passionate man, as you well know. Believe me, I’ve spent most of my journey taking stock of my rationale. I can’t say I did it alone. I sought guidance along the way. Mankind has been working on these matters ever since we were struck with the capacity of higher thought. I’ll send you a book of great importance to me. Read it and tell me what you’ve learned. It’s one of many lessons to take heed of in life and I hope you receive it well. All my blessings George.

Yours till hell freezes,




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