Letters to George: Letting go (letter 3)

The third in a series of letters to a man called George. From a man called Frank.


Dear George,

You really are too kind to us our dear friend. Beatrice has cleared the top of the old dining room chest and placed your ornament, along with the headscarf, on top of it. You won’t believe it, but she somehow persuaded the owner of a clothing store in town, the one next to the Duck & Quill, to part with a mannequins head!  No idea what they’ve done with the rest of it. How she does such things! And so, the mannequin’s head is proudly on the chest with its new headscarf, looking glorious. They really dress Elephants like the ornament over there? It’s fine craftsmanship. It will be well looked after George, don’t you worry. I’m sending you a small gift. It’s something that means a lot to me and I always had it with me during my own adventures many years ago. I know you don’t like receiving George, but I ask you to carry it with you now, it’s not meant to be in a shoebox under my bed. If you like, you can return it to me upon your safe return someday.

Now then, let us talk about a few things. I’m glad you’ve been reading the book I sent you. You might as well go ahead and finish it all. It’s an important message George: being attached to so many things in our lives which are just not under our control. You’ve learned very recently about the consequences of this, and so you’ve been suffering a great deal. I must say, from reading your latest letter, you seem to be coming to terms somewhat. I’m encouraged George, and Beatrice is too of course. By the way, she asks if it’s ok for her to read your letters along with me? I hope you don’t mind. If there’s ever anything you wish to only share with myself, man to man, do let us know and I will ensure that is the case. You have my utmost word on that.

Getting back to the issue George. Although you’re showing signs of improvement, you have another step to take my friend. An important part of life is letting go of the things which are just not meant for us. This is a tough one to take George, especially when love is involved, believe me, I’ve been there. But, to let go gracefully is something which will define you, and all of us, at the end of the day. It’s imperative that you learn this lesson. Hanging on to things or wishing for what you don’t have is essentially what causes all our problems in life. It’s a tug of war between the past which cannot be changed and a future which doesn’t exist. Can you see that George? Can you see how these things only bring confusion and pain into the present? Start to let go, my good friend, and soon enough, the fog of confusion and pain will clear up, leaving you in the moment that is now, allowing to see what is right for you, and what is not, George.

You’ve almost made the old dog emotional now. I’m going to sign off on this one and leave you to think about what I’ve said. Beatrice and I wish you well, and we are already waiting patiently to hear from you again. Take care, my man!

Yours till hell freezes,




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