Want to laugh until you can’t breathe? Watch this movie

The below is an exercise I did for an online writing course I’m doing at the moment. Thought I’d share it here too. Have you seen ‘The Room’? I’m still laughing at it 3 days later!

Why you need to watch ‘The Room’ as soon as possible

Tommy Wiseau’s 2003 romance thriller ‘The Room’ is, to put it mildly, the most bizarre, outrageous, and disorganized piece of filmmaking ever to grace the screen – honestly. It’s so bad, that it has entered its own solar system of uniqueness and it stands out on its own known as ‘the best worst movie ever made’ by its cult following. Yes, it even has a cult following, just like Star Wars and Star Trek. It’s not all about the actual movie though (which I will talk about very shortly, I promise), it’s everything and anything surrounding the entire production.It’s as wacky as it comes and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before. A budget of $6 million which recouped $1900, a billboard advertisement in LA which stood erect for 5 years at an enormous cost and remains a mystery as to how it was financed; the mysterious Mr. Wiseau who wrote, directed, and starred in this wonderful catastrophe known as ‘The Room’. Before the movie even starts, you have every reason to dive into the galaxy (far far away) of Tommy Wiseau and you will never regret it.

It starts like a normal movie to be fair, some nice scenes of San Francisco with relaxing music – nothing too suspicious as of yet. A glimpse of a man riding the tram, dressed all in black and long curly hair as black as his shades may get you thinking you’re in for an 80’s style action flick here with this guy kicking everyone’s ass. You soon realize he’s on his way home, flowers in hand, to be greeted by the love of his life, the enigmatic Lisa. As soon as the conversation starts, as the mouths move totally out of sync to what’s actually being said, you know there’s something wrong with this movie. Perhaps it’s just a quick glitch that only your Jedi powers have noticed, or is it actually a French movie dubbed in English? No and no, this is actually happening. The movie is broke in so many ways and it’s going to get a lot worse (better) as it goes on. If only I could have experienced this with no prior knowledge, I would have felt like waking up next to Jabba the Hutt. Most of the movie takes place within ‘The Room’ of an apartment were Lisa and Johnny live; a young couple who are set to be wed in the near future. There’s one issue, however: Lisa doesn’t love him and has decided to sleep with his best friend in an attempt to have what she wants in life – because, why not? We’re shown how great of a guy Johnny is through various acts of kindness and goodwill, as well as store clerks expressing “you’re my favorite customer” in the cheesiest way it could have possibly been done – honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up. There are some attempts at producing deep moments in the film with some crackpot dialogue from Wiseau – and these are the best parts, the parts that evoke belly laughs at how crazy it all is. The best laughs are when it’s not supposed to be funny, and that just makes things funnier. The actual attempts at humor are hilarious too, for all the wrong reasons.
The movie climaxes after a ‘who dunnit’ style party in the apartment where all the characters are present (including a couple of random new ones) and the cracks start to appear for Johnny and the truth about Lisa starts to come out.  Johnny has a dramatic meltdown which results in him taking some drastic action.

There’s even a terrible website for the movie selling all kinds of off-the-wall merchandise like boxer shorts and backpacks with branding. The whole fracas is a hidden gem in life, if you haven’t discovered it yet. In such a serious world we live in, it’s so refreshing to see absolute (harmless) madness ensue in such a strange way that it makes you want to cry with laughter. If you fancy getting swept away into an abnormal world other than Star Wars, this movie is just what you’ve been waiting for.


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  1. I saw it a few times when it became THE MOVIE that every youtube critic had to have a video about.

    My favorite fact was that the person who played Lisa was originally a crew member who was asked to take the female lead when the actual actress walked out.

    I haven’t seen Disaster Artist yet, but I hope that movie sweeps the awards so Tommy Wiesau can make an appearance at the Oscars.

    Can you imagine? The man who followed his dreams to put out a movie of his creation, inspiring a whole new generation of youtube filmmakers, getting to attend the Oscars in support of HIS biopic!

    What dreams are made of 🙂


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