A Japanese proverb to start your day

The Japanese are a clever bunch

Their trains are rarely late, their cars reliable, their diet healthy, and they are renowned for their technological prowess. It’s all very efficient.

They’re not bad with proverbs either.

七転び八起き or “nana korobi ya oki” means Fall down seven times, get up eight.

It’s efficient and neat like a Zen garden.

Just keep going.



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4 thoughts on “A Japanese proverb to start your day

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  1. I see this a lot in their anime characters.
    Young teenagers who were orphans, physically or emotionally abused, rising up as an illustration of what is possible in the worst of circumstances.
    All so normal people can go to work or school with the idea, ‘If that hero can get back up after fighting an entire army only to have his long-lost brother die in his arms- maybe my problems aren’t so impossible.’

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