Friday Virtue #8: Insert roast-duck here…

A quote that makes me laugh is one that sticks (for a while anyway).

This one got a snigger:

“A roasted duck does not fly into one’s mouth” – Confucius

It’s like something my Mother would say back in the day while I was stuck to the sofa . And, she was usually spot on with these kind of things.

I hold my hands up and say that I am guilty of expecting roast duck to fly right in there at times. And worst of all, getting confused when it doesn’t.

I’m actually going to a BBQ style place tonight. Hope they have roast duck!

Happy Friday all, have a nice weekend.


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3 thoughts on “Friday Virtue #8: Insert roast-duck here…

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  1. Hey, I read about your Vipassana meditation. It reminded me when I went to a 10 days retreat! Nice blog.

    Will you check out my blog? I have just started out.

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