Enter stage: Mr Jordan B. Peterson


The story of my life, recently, is stuck in one long lost in space scene. Just floating around. My home planet, where all was in order, is destroyed. The memories stick with me.Torment me.

It’s been quite a journey to where I am in life right now – destination chaos.

Things did not go to plan for me. It’s better to have loved and lost they say – those words don’t mean much when you have lost.

I’ve been exploring the universe (lost) ever since, looking for something (anything) to rekindle my smothered flame.

I’ve tried changing jobs, moving country, practising Stoicism, starting this blog, and even a 10-day Vipassana retreat. And yet, it persists. It lingers and it hurts.

During a recent expedition, on planet YouTube, I came across something fascinating. Something promising – a spark.

It was a video of a grown man crying during an interview. It was not the fact of crying that struck me, it was why he was crying. He was crying because he had recently been thanked by hundreds of young men who claimed he had saved them from a life of uncertainty and depression – I should investigate this man I thought.

I decided to buy a ticket for this show (I bought his book). I’ll stick around and see what he has to say.




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5 thoughts on “Enter stage: Mr Jordan B. Peterson

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    1. Gotta check that out. He’s been making a whole lot of sense to me. It’s amazing to suddenly hear all he has to say and the impact he’s had on people’s lives.


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