Day 12,450: Still not there…

I wake up some mornings and wonder if this is it for the rest of my days? (however more there may be)

“What is it?” You may be asking.

Well, I seem to be very confused about the process of life. 10 years ago, at age 24 – a young man – I didn’t worry so much about being a ‘man‘, so to speak (a grown up man).

At 34 (12,450 days old, including leap years since 1983), I do worry about it. Constantly. Every day. It’s safe for you to conclude that I don’t feel like one at least.

What is a man, and who defines it then? Other men? Women? Or yourself?

That’s a good question actually. Who defines what?

After some thought, I think that only I can define myself in this instance. For it is me who is responsible for doing, saying, and thinking all the things a so-called man should do, say, and think.


Well then. What should I do, say, and think? And who decides that?

I could go on forever, but I think I’m ok for now. It’s clear that defining what is and what isn’t a man, in this day and age, is debatable – perhaps.

What do you think?


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2 thoughts on “Day 12,450: Still not there…

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  1. I think you’re on the right track. I remember speaking to WW2 veteran several years ago. The man was highly decorated. He came home and built a business. Raised a family. He did all the things we think a man should do. He told me that in his mind that he was still a child. He saw himself as a child his whole life. He was just a child doing the things that had to be done.
    Same as all of us. My grandfather would come home from the mines and watch cartoons.
    I made an effort to refuse to be put in a box or wear the labels placed on me. Am I a man? Who cares? I’ll continue to do the things I do as I see fit to do them.

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    1. Haha just imagining your father watching cartoons after the mines. My Dad still plays the Xbox in his 70s and I’ll be no different I’m sure. I think we all deserve to be childish in some ways. Finding a wife to put up with this is the trick perhaps!

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