Self-Respect: The power is yours


There are people in this world who would keep walking if they saw you falling in the street. There are some who would discount you at first sight. There’s even a few who would keep driving if they knocked you down. And what of it? These people don’t know or care about you.

Then there are those who do know you. How do they treat you? How would you like them to treat you? You would surely expect more from them. Is there someone in your life whom you’d give your all for, even if they’d never return the favour? Someone who doesn’t value your time as much as you value theirs? A person you love, that doesn’t feel the same? Such a situation can tear you apart. Leaving you looking and feeling like a fool. But there is a little hope in this situation. It’s always there but you may have misplaced it somewhere along the way. You’ve forgotten how to use it or perhaps you never did (use it). But it’s your’s, it belongs to you and you can use it anytime, anywhere, any place.

It’s called self-respect.

Self-respect is a powerful weapon. It can be wielded with great effect in the situation above, and in many others too. Someone got you down? Called you names? Spat in your face? Nasty things indeed, and things you didn’t need.

This is the time to set your boundaries. To draw the line and be clear on what treatment you won’t tolerate anymore. This is a chance to be your own hero. To stand up for yourself in every situation and let them all know that you won’t be accepting any more crap. You have a standard and nobody but nobody is gonna take that away from you.

It takes strength for sure, in times when you wish a certain someone would treat you as you want, but they don’t, and you have to draw a line and walk away. But it’s a strength giver too – a generous one. An empowering action. If you don’t do right by yourself, you’ll allow others to do the same (to you).

Wear your self-respect with pride. It’s your coat of armour. Don’t hide it. Let people know you have it. Never lose it again.

You’ll need it.


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