Start your revolution: Viva la self!

The French revolution was a bloody mess. Heads rolled and the establishment fell. Resentment towards the monarchy and the upper class had been brewing for years; exacerbated by rising inequality between social and economic classes, uncontrollable debt, and shoddy decisions made by King Louis XIV, such as crushing the population with unfair taxes in order to solve the country’s fiscal problems.  On top of this, years of bad harvests meant stomachs grumbled for food while the aristocracy enjoyed fine wine and all the roast pheasant they could squeeze into their double chined gobs.

The people were deeply depressed. They would stand for no more, however. And the rest, as they say, is history.

File:Exécution de Louis XVI Carnavalet.jpg
King Louis’ public execution, 1973


When it comes to making big changes in your life, this is a very extreme example for sure. But a wonderful one which demonstrates the human desire to stand up for ourselves when we know that the conditions we are currently going through are simply unacceptable. It’s times like this when something has to needs to change. Either stand up and act, or lay down and take it while you merely dream of a better existence.

And so, what are your conditions? Do you wallow around inside your own head wishing that you had it better? Do you blame the world for the uselessness of your lemons? Is it hopeless?

But wait. What if you could…

What if you could make an attempt? What if there are things you can do that could ultimately bring about change in your life for the better? What if you have more power than you believe? Could you turn this around? Could you overthrow this oppressive regime that suppresses your deeply held desires to live freely without pain and torture? One thing is for sure: the result of inaction is a big fat NO. But if you try, if you’re smart about this, If you don’t give up, if you make this a fight for survival, then maybe, just maybe, you have a chance at this. That’s surely reason enough.

It’s time to round up and call out the gluttons in your head, the ones who have deprived you of energy and light. The ones who dine on your soul (even stealing your lemons) while you survive on whatever’s left. The guillotine awaits.


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