This is Mr Silly


This is Mr Silly

He can’t swim. But, he likes the sea

He likes beauty. But, he cannot see

He lost his keys. But, he has no home

He wants some friends. But, he stays alone

He knows he wants something. But, he doesn’t know

He just keeps wandering, to and fro

He likes the sea, so very much

But the scary water, he dare not touch

Poor Mr Silly


I was correcting some papers today (I work as an English teacher). And was inspired by one of my 1st-grade students. She wrote about a character she had drawn, ‘She cannot swim. But, she likes the sea.‘. I couldn’t move on from that line for about 10 minutes. Why did I ponder it so much? Well, I’m a daydreamer I guess. Call me Mr Silly?

4 thoughts on “This is Mr Silly

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  1. I love this! I think so many of us love things but are afraid to pursue them or are afraid of what other people will think of us. If you love the sea and can’t swim; try on a pair of floaties!

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