Friday Virtue #11: Suffer no more…(than necessary)

I decided to be super productive on Monday. Finally getting round to fixing a broken laptop that was collecting dust under the bed for a while. I eventually fixed it with the help of tech wizards on Youtube. I then dove deep into my recent past via old photos, tons of them, which I hadn't seen in a while. Bad idea.

Friday Virtue #10: Suffering in comfort…

So many people choose to suffer. We walk right into it. I believe that 3 out of 5 employees hate their jobs, according to a recent survey. It's pretty miserable.  We live in a system that is very hard to break free from. But, it's a system. It's familiar and we go along with it. 

Enter stage: Mr Jordan B. Peterson

It was not the fact of crying that struck me, it was why he was crying. He was crying because he had recently been thanked by hundreds of young men who claimed he had saved them from a life of uncertainty and depression - I should investigate this man I thought.

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